Your Reason Why

Until your reason WHY, AND your DESIRE to do and to be, become so great as to overcome your reasons why you cannot…you will not change; you will not do; you will not become what you are dreaming about.You are essentially wistfully dreaming.Find your reason why, and make it very important. This will increase your desire to a point that will overcome your fears, your doubts, and any other barrier that may present itself.Then use that energy that your strong reason why and your strong desire give you, and CHANGE – DO – BECOME all that you imagine for yourself.You can change your current state of life completely in five years or less, and those five years will come and they will go, whether you set in motion plans to take control of the direction of your life or not.Pick your 5 year goal, map out the smaller goals that will need to occur in between now and then, and move steadily forward.Don’t be discouraged by setbacks and frustrations, those bad events give you experience and learning you could have gained in no other way.Remember if the final ACHIEVEment of your goal happens in 7 years instead of 5, you are still a SUCCESS, you still did exactly what you set your mind to do.You already have and do succeed in so many small ways, now just set bigger and more challenging visions and roll yourself on to SUCCESS!

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