Why Principium? Why Journal the Statements of Others? Principium Volume III, Book 14, Quote 1460

1460. (5-27-2011) Remember, this is my second college education. These quotes, thoughts, and more, are the things we should be teaching the children in a free society from a very young age. But, as it stands now, our nation is not a free society. The Standards of Liberty, the Foundations of Freedom, the Inalienable Rights of Man, the First Principles of Good Government, have been abandoned. The course we have set has already been traveled, and it is the course of national degeneracy and collapse. Hope only lies in pockets of knowledgeable resistance. Intellectual resistance to the degeneracy, as proposed in these books, to give a background for Freedom and Liberty, to expose the historical sacrifice of so many before our day, and then to inspire a vision of what it means to be free, and the price that must be paid.

- Andrew T. Jackson, 1970 to Present - Principium Volume III, Book 14, Quote 1460

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