Which Personality Do You Let Whisper In Your Ear?

Many times we protect our own bad personalities or characteristics as if they were our dearest friends. The negative personality, the critical personality, the sad personality, etc. “It’s just who I am,” we might say to ourselves and others. Meanwhile, that self-destructive, self-defeating personality whispers poisons in our ear, that we are not good enough, that we will never make it, that we can’t do it. In reality, it is within our power to leave that voice behind.

We have the power, the control over what personality we want to entertain, the one that stops us from becoming all that we want to become, or the one that is positive, optimistic, friendly, and encouraging. Decide today. Tell the poor personality that you are grateful for the safety you thought you were getting from him or her, but now you are strong enough to forge ahead without her. Tell that personality that whispers to you, “I will only have you speak to me if you treat me with kindness, love, and encouragement.” Have the self-respect to value yourself and your potential. Don’t protect that part of you that does not build you up. She is not your friend, he is your enemy. Change, right now! Take control, right now! Take action, today! Do not fear leaving that self behind. Your new self can be invited in at any time. Your new self will build you up. Your new self will love you and help you make better choices. You and I can promote and protect whichever personality we want inside our mind and heart. Invite in only the best of friends, only the best of voices, the ones that accept you and your foibles for who you are and what they may be, but always work with you to improve yourself and overcome all obstacles.

Change the personality that you listen to if that personality is not helping you have happiness and become all you were meant to become, all that you desire to become. You have every potential to realize your greatest and fondest aspirations, you should not have a voice inside you telling you that you cannot or should not do something good and worthwhile for yourself or for others. Demand that the voices that counsel you from the inside, do so out of an abundance of love and respect for you, and counsel you in good, positive, and kind ways.

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