The Depth of Your Understanding

I realize the quotes I post are sometimes difficult to understand. They require thought and are meant to inspire an effort of will to really dig and get to know - What are the principles of freedom and liberty in society, in governance, and in the economy? How do we return to those principles; how do we protect them?

We must be committed to learn them, and the depth of our commitment will match the depth of our understanding. We will not be washed away in the doubt of our cause if we have a deep reservoir of the knowledge and principles that promote freedom, liberty, community, and good government.

Spend the time it takes. Be methodical in gaining a deep understanding. Seek a strong and enduring education in matters so great.

Spatterings of words flung out on Twitter are of emotion without depth. Don't give in to simple chatter. Understand the principles, find them, and then teach them. They are truths undeniable for the record of their success is everywhere if you only look.

Push your mind to breath in the words and thoughts of the wisdom of the past and move your will to the granite strength of understanding.

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