What do you think of the phrase, “Self-Made”? I am sure anyone would know what that means if it were said this way, “He or she is a self-made millionaire.” Intuitively you know what that means. That person worked, planned, and executed goals that made them into a financial success. If they did not know how to do something, they studied and learned; if they were not something that would help them become a millionaire, they changed who and what they were to fit their vision of success. Everyone understands this.

Now, let’s try this next phrase, “Self-Made average person.” “Self-Made low-income earner.” “Self-Made poor person.” “Self-Made loser.” Do you understand what those phrases mean, or do you cringe and think to yourself, that shouldn’t be said? Why? Because they are not true…or because they are true and it is too much truth to handle?

What is “Self-Made”? You are standing in it. You are self-made. You made it to your present condition by the combination of all your actions and all of your choices. Some of your choices delayed you from becoming what and who you are today. Some of your choices accelerated you to where you are today, but you are here today because you chose to be here as you are. You have made it to your present success, good job!

Well, do you want more? Do you want better? Do you want somewhere different? Do you want to be different? The answer becomes quite easy at this point, so how do you get what you want, become what you want, go where you want? Choose to do it, and then take action and go for it!

You are self-made – and that process is not finished – and never will be. It is never too late to make yourself and your circumstances into whatever you decide. Yes, it will take time. Yes, it will take effort, but what else are you going to do? Are you satisfied with your present place and condition – great! Stay there if you like, but if not, create a vision, make a plan, set goals, take action, and you will change, and your circumstances will change – they have to, because you will make them change. Welcome to the new you and your new life!

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