Principium Volume III, Book 13, Quote 1320, 1321, and 1323

1320. (3-1-2011) (In understanding the progression of the power of government consider historically) ATJ War in those days (the twelfth and thirteenth centuries)ATJ was always a small-scale affair- for the simple reason that Power (the power of the government) ATJ was a small-scale affair and entirely lacked those two essential controls, the conscription of men and the imposition of taxes.

-Bertrand de Jouvenel –On Power, 1948

1321. (3-1-2011) (From the late 1400s to the 1700s and beyond, the power of the monarchs was growing, and on the backs of the people, through taxation, the military might of countries and kingdoms was amassed)ATJ A new disease has broken out in Europe: It has infected our rulers and caused them to maintain armies which are out of all proportion. It has its recurrences and soon becomes contagious; inevitably, because as soon as one State increases the number of its troops, as they are called, the others at once increase theirs, so that the general ruin is all that comes out of it. Every monarch keeps permanently on foot armies which are as large as would be needed if his people were in imminent danger of extermination; and this struggle of all against all is called peace.

-Charles-Louise de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu, 1689-1755 - Esprit des Lois (The Spirit of Law)

1323. (3-2-2011) The modern State is just the king of other days bringing to a triumphal end his unremitting work.

-Paul Viollet, 1840-1914

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