Principium Volume III, Book 12, Quote 1270, 1274, and 1275

1270. (2-7-2011) If government wants not merely to facilitate the attainment of certain standards by the individual but to make certain that everybody attains them it can do so only by depriving individuals of any choice in the matter. Thus the welfare state becomes a household state in which a paternalistic power controls most of the income of the community and allocates it to individuals in the forms and quantities which it thinks they need or deserve.

- Friedrich A. Hayek – The Constitution of Liberty, 1960

1274. (2-7-2011) (Instead of the legislative putting out general rules applicable to all, laws take on the look of governmental policy that through administrative agencies, it will enact upon the people, for their own good, of course.)ATJ All experience confirms what is “clear enough from America as well as from English experience, that the zeal of the administrative agencies to achieve the immediate ends they see before them leads them to see their function out of focus and to assume that constitutional limitations and guaranteed individual rights must give way before their zealous efforts to achieve what they see as a paramount purpose of government.”

- Nathan Roscoe Pound, 1870-1964 – The Rise of the Service State and Its Consequences

1275. (2-8-2011) I wish to add here my opinion that, until the protection of individual freedom is much more firmly secured than it is now, the creation of a world state probably would be a greater danger to the future of civilization than even war.

- Friedrich A. Hayek – The Constitution of Liberty, 1960

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