Principium Volume II, Book 11, Quote 1158, 1159, and 1160

1158. (1-6-2011) “imperia legum potentoria quam hominum.” - Titus Livius, quoted by Algernon Sidney – Works and John Adams – Works and rendered to english in Holland’s translation of Livy of 1600, thus: “the authority and rule of laws, more powerful and mighty than those of men”

- Friedrich A. Hayek – The Constitution of Liberty, 1978

1159. (1-6-2011) Liberty consists principally in not being forced to do a thing where the laws do not oblige: people are in this state only as they are governed by civil laws; and because they live under those civil laws they are free.

– Charles de Secondat Baron deMontesquieu – Spirit of Laws, 1748

1160. (1-7-2011) There is no liberty without laws, nor where someone is above the laws: even in the state of nature, man is free only because of the natural law, which enjoins everyone.

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712-1778 – Writings

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