Principium Volume II, Book 10, Quote 1073, 1074, and 1075

1073. (12-16-2010) I have no respect for the passion for equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., 1841-1935

1074. (12-16-2010) The great aim of the struggle for liberty has been equality before the law. This equality under the rules which the state enforces may be supplemented by a similar equality of the rules that men voluntarily obey in their relations with one another. This extension of the principle of equality to the rules of moral and social conduct is the chief expression of what is commonly called the democratic spirit - …

- Friedrich A. Hayek – The Constitution of Liberty, 1978

1075. (12-16-2010) Equality of the general rules of law and conduct, however, is the only kind of equality conducive to liberty and the only equality which we can secure without destroying liberty….This is the necessary result and part of the justification of individual liberty; if the result of individual liberty did not demonstrate that some manners of living are more successful than others, much of the case for it would vanish.

- Friedrich A. Hayek – The Constitution of Liberty, 1978

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