Principium Volume I, Book 6, Quote 733, 734, and End Statement

733. (3-23-2010) An early writer on English constitution, Sir John Fortescue, chief justice of the King’s Bench, argued in the years 1469-71 that English law was fundamentally unaltered since antiquity. The purpose of government, in the past as in the present, was to protect persons and their belongings.

- Richard Pipes – Property and Freedom, 1999

734. (3-23-2010) [By 1567] Fortesque’s treatise…reflected an opinion widely shared in educational circles of England by the fifteenth century that good government obeyed the law.

- Richard Pipes – Property and Freedom, 1999

(Unfortunately, that belief is not held by many in the leadership of today’s United States Government. They believe that they write and make the law and may exempt themselves from the law, and that the people, on pain of force, must obey the law.)ATJ

The End of Principium Volume I - My Statement

As I have filled yet another book with what I consider valuable information, I have come to the conclusion that if we do not give ourselves the education we desire or deserve, someone else will give us or determine for us what our education and life shall be. These studies have become my second more intense and far reaching college education, an education spanning and encompassing the ages, philosophies, and wisdom of many, many wise men and women. That I might more fully understand the current state, the foundation of which rest on the past history of man, and from which the future shall be affected.

- Andrew T. Jackson, March 23, 2010

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