Principium Volume I, Book 6, Quote 721, 724, 726

721. (3-13-2010) Private property in the legal sense of the word comes into existence with the emergence of the state, that is, public authority. Until then, it is possession protected by physical force and/or customary law and legitimized by inheritance and/or prolonged usage.

- Richard Pipes – Property and Freedom, 1999

724. (3-16-2010) Property and law are born and must die together. Before the laws there was no property; take away the laws, all property ceases.

- Jeremy Bentham, 1748-1832

726. (3-17-2010) The relationship of private property to civil and political liberty is the principal theme of our inquiry. Liberty and the rights that flow from it come into existence only with the emergence of public authority, that is, the state….Under these conditions, property – where it is allowed to emerge – is protected by the state as a “right,” but the same right also protects the individual from that state: along with law, its by-product; It becomes the most efficacious means of limiting the state’s power. Where the state claims ownership of all productive resources, as in the case of the ancient Oriental monarchies, individuals or families have no means of asserting their freedom because economically they are entirely dependent on the sovereign power.

- Richard Pipes – Property and Freedom, 1999

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