Principium Volume I, Book 6, Quote 715 and 717

715. (3-11-2010) Where property does not exist, privacy is not respected….Which helps explain why the Russian language – the language of a people who through most of their history know no private property in the means of production – has no word for “privacy.”

- Richard Pipes – Property and Freedom, 1999

717. (3-11-2010) (Even with clear evidence to the contrary, both religious (BoM) and secular, academics envision the “noble savage” of the “Golden Age” as men that had all things in common and did not engage in territorial disputes – see “The Wild Frontier” by William Osborn – nothing could be farther from the truth.)ATJ Ignoring the record of cruelty and incessant warfare among primitive societies, [Edmond] Leach attributed aggressiveness exclusively to “Western industrial man who has been culturally conditioned to act with brutality in a ruthlessly competitive society.”

- Richard Pipes – Property and Freedom, 1999

(A continuous denigration of Western Society has been spewing forth from the academia of all types, to what end? Solely for the apparent destruction of the traditional views, religious beliefs, and values, with the substitution of enforced societal norms determined by some collective will of an elite class. This class having been determined by the moment and perpetuated by the appropriation of the centers that mold societies such as: education, media, and leadership or power positions.)ATJ

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