Principium Volume I, Book 6, Quote 656 and 660

656. (2-10-2010) (New Conservatives)ATJ By their insistence on the use of political power for the inculcation of virtue, by their refusal to take a principled position in defense of a state limited to establishing the conditions of freedom, they disqualify themselves as effective opponents of liberal collectivism. The New Conservatives are left neither the champions of Leviathan that the collectivist liberals are nor the enemies of Leviathan that the principled conservatives are, but mere critical observers of Leviathan undiminished.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Other Essays, 1962

(Either you stand by your beliefs and fight those that undermine freedom and not give in to compromise or you lose the strength of your opposition and end up a sideline whiner, a casual complainer of the game, but not a participant .)ATJ

660. (2-12-2010) To assert the freedom and independence of the individual person implies no denial of the value of mutuality, of association and common action between persons. It only denies the value of coerced association.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Other Essays, 1962

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