Principium Volume I, Book 6, Quote 650 and 652

650. (2-9-2010) (Consider, for this next section, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and other dictatorial, tyrannical regimes currently standing.)ATJ This view of man and the universe (that an elite class, knows better than any group or individual man, what is good for all)ATJ could not have brought us to our present pass without the power of the state to effectuate it. Men of powerful intellect and personality might affect the consciousness alone, but without command of state power they could not ride roughshod over the innate resistance of human beings to ideas that violate their essential being. Error may long persist on the basis of the intellectual skill or the charisma of its perpetrators; but without the power the state gives it to destroy opposition, its incongruity with the real nature of man will in the end defeat it. Other errors will come along, for this is integral to the process in which free human beings move towards truth. But no one of them can survive indefinitely in its distortion of reality unless it controls the centralized power with which to drive truth underground, to prevent it from being heard. Only an institution with such power is conceivable – the state swollen beyond its natural functions.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Other Essays, 1962

(We must hear and understand the previous quote. Read it again, understand it. It behooves us to take an active role in monitoring the actions of government. For we can see abundantly today the apparatus of government used in the manner discussed. Vigilance and standing up against this tyranny falls upon the shoulders of men and women who desire to remain free.)ATJ

652. (2-10-2010) At the political level, therefore (that is, at the level which has to do with power in the social order)ATJ, the essential requisite for a good society is such a division of power that no single center will be able to enforce beliefs upon men by force, or to inhibit and destroy other beliefs by force. This principle can be reduced to a similar maxim: The state must be limited to its proper function of preserving order. But this will only be possible when the person is considered as the central moral entity and society as but a set of relations between persons, not as an organism morally superior to persons. For if society be given a moral status superior to persons, then it follows both implicitly and logically that society has the right to create an arm to enforce its moral rights. That arm can only be the unlimited Leviathan state: if ultimate moral righteousness rests in society, it is justified in enforcing its righteousness, and the state which is its arm cannot be limited by any rights inherent in individual persons.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Other Essays, 1962

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