Principium Volume I, Book 5, Quote 621, 624, Book 6, Quote 626

621. (1-21-2010) There are certain great principles, which if they be not held inviolate, at all seasons, our liberty is gone. If we give them up, it is perfectly immaterial what is the character of our sovereign; whether he be king or President, elective or hereditary – it is perfectly immaterial what is his character – we shall be slaves….

- John Randolph of Roanoke, 1773-1833

624. (1-25-2010) Liberalism was indeed once, in the last century (19th)ATJ, the proponent and defender of freedom (see Ludwig von Mises)ATJ. But that which is called liberalism today has deserted its heritage of defense of the freedom of the person to become the peculiarly American form of what in Europe is called democratic socialism.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Related Essays, 1962

626. (1-26-2010) At the source to which American conservatism inevitably returns – the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the debates at the time of its adoption – this simultaneous belief in objectively existing moral value and in the freedom of the individual person was promulgated in uncompromising terms.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Related Essays, 1962

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