Principium Volume I, Book 5, Quote 615, 617, 618

615. (1-19-2010) Freedom brings men rudely and directly face to face with their own personal responsibility for their own free actions.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Related Essays, 1962

617. (1-20-2010) Unless men can choose to be vicious they cannot act to be virtuous. And, while a community may be able to compel good behavior, compulsion does not produce virtuous men.

- William C. Dennis – Forward to In Defense of Freedom by Frank S. Meyer

618. (1-20-2010) In fact, conservatism is not a body of principles, but a tone, an attitude. That attitude does indeed tend to conduce towards a respect for wisdom acquired by human beings through long ages and [towards loyalty to the established traditions of the Constitution and to a free American social structure,] and towards skepticism of social blueprints, or utopias, of the approach of the Socialist and the social worker.

- Frank S. Meyer – In Defense of Freedom and Related Essays, 1962

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