Principium Volume I, Book 5, Quote 599, 601, 604

599. (1-9-2010) When the absolute sway of numbers (majority rule)ATJ had endured for near a quarter of a century, nothing but bare existence was left for the State to lose; and the Athenians, wearied and despondent, confessed the true cause of their ruin. They understood that for liberty, justice, and equal laws, it is as necessary that Democracy should restrain itself as it had been that it should restrain the Oligarchy.

- Lord Action – History of Freedom, 1877

(Or the Senate and House of Representatives in the case of the United States)ATJ.

601. The most sacred obligations vanished before the public advantage. The passengers existed for the sake of the ship. By their disregard for private interests, and for the moral welfare and improvement of the people, both Greece and Rome destroyed the vital elements on which the prosperity of nations rests, and perished by the decay of families and the depopulation of the country. They survive not in their institutions, but in their ideas, and by their ideas, especially on the art of government, they are – “The dead, but sceptred [sic] sovereigns who still rule, Our spirits from their urns. – To them, may be tracked nearly all the errors that are undermining political society – Communism, Utilitarianism, the confusion between tyranny and authority, and between lawlessness and freedom.

- Lord Action – History of Freedom, 1877

604. (1-10-2010) The great question is to discover, not what governments prescribe, but what they ought to prescribe; for no prescription is valid against the conscience of mankind. Before God, there is neither Greek nor barbarian, neither rich nor poor, and the slave is as good as his master, for by birth all men are free; they are citizens of that universal commonwealth which embraces all the world, brethren of one family, and children of God, who comes down to dwell in our souls, who knows all our thoughts, to whom we owing all the truth we know, and all the good we do; for vice is voluntary, and virtue comes from the grace of the heavenly spirit within.

- Lord Action – The History of Freedom, 1877

(By these statements, and the countless others by so many men and women, proponents of liberty and freedom, I see now why so many classical and enlightened authors of individual rights have been scrubbed from all the public educational academies, for they would scrub the Christian God from the minds of the youth, and replace Him with the philosophies of men. The purveyors of “Education” are subscribers to man’s slavery to man, in the name of Science. Consider the history of communist Russia.)ATJ

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