Principium Volume I, Book 4, Quote 519, 521, 523

519. (10-14-2009) Democracy does not confer the most skillful kind of government upon the people, but it produces that which the most skillful governments are frequently unable to awaken, namely, an all-pervading and restless activity, a superabundant force, and an energy which is inseparable from it, and which may, under favorable circumstances, beget the most amazing benefits. These are the true advantages of democracy.

- Alexis de Toqueville – Democracy in America, 1835

521. (10-14-2009) When a community really has a mixed government, that is to say, when it is equally divided between two adverse principles, it must either pass through a revolution or fall into complete dissolution.

- Alexis de Toqueville – Democracy in America, 1835

523. [I]t is almost always by the abuse of its force and the misemployment [sic] of its resources that a democratic government fails. Anarchy is almost always produced by its tyranny or its mistakes, but not by its want of strength.

- Alexis de Toqueville – Democracy in America, 1835

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