Principium Volume I, Book 3, Quote 435, 436, 438

435. But once the legislator is elected and freed from his campaign promises, oh, then his language changes! The nation returns to passivity, to inertia, to nothingness, and the legislator takes on the character of omnipotence. His the invention, his the direction, his the impulsion, his the organization. Mankind has nothing to do but to let things be done to it; the hour of despotism has arrived.

- Frederic Bastiat – The Law, 1850

436. Property is a necessary consequence of the nature of man. In the full sense of the word, man is born a proprietor, because he is born with wants whose satisfaction is necessary to life, and with organs and faculties whose exercise is indispensable to the satisfaction of these wants. Faculties are only the extension of the person; and property is nothing but an extension of the faculties…

- Frederic Bastiat – The Law, 1850

438. Every attempt to divert responsibility from its natural course is an attack upon justice, freedom, order, civilization, or progress.

- Frederic Bastiat – The Law, 1850

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