Principium Volume I, Book 3, Quote 243, 246, 251

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

243. Once we appreciate how our own well-being, prosperity, and liberties are all products of living in this country, as opposed to any other, we will become natural patriots. Our defense of principle becomes a defense of hearth and home.

- William J. Bennett – Our Sacred Honor, 1997

246. [S]o far as civilization is concerned, the right to property may be even more important than the right to life. Freedom of every sort is linked with security of private property…

- Russell Kirk, inspired by Paul Elmer More and John Locke – The Roots of American Order, 1974

251. The men who drew up this [American]ATJ Constitution declared that they had framed a government of laws, not of men; and of laws which must be applied by a regular and impartial process. Stability and security in the Republic, and protection of the citizens against arbitrary power received equal attention in the Constitution.

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

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