Principium Volume I, Book 2, Quote 99, 105, 107, 112

99. Individual freedom cannot be reconciled with the supremacy of one single purpose to which the whole society must be entirely and permanently subordinated.

- F. A. Hayek – The Road to Serfdom, 1944

105. Of all checks on democracy, federation has been the most efficacious and the most congenial….The federal system limits and restrains the sovereign power by dividing it and by assigning to Government only certain defined rights. It is the only method of curbing not only the majority but the power of the whole people.

- Lord John Action, 1834-1902

107. [John] Locke’s dedication to individual liberty, government by consent, the social contract, and the right to revolt against governments that endanger the rights of citizens, has made him one of the most important political thinkers of the past four centuries. His legacy will live on as long as there are people fighting for freedom. (That is if those people are able and willing to read his words.)ATJ

- Great Book in Philosophy

112. Freedom then, is not what Sir Robert Filmer tells us: “A liberty for every one to do what he lists, to live as he pleases, and not to be tied by any laws”; but freedom of men under government is to have a standing rule to live by, common to every one of that society, and made by the legislative power erected in it.

- John Locke – The Second Treatise on Civil Government, 1689

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