Principium Volume I, Book 2, Quote 227

227. Over thousands of years, a people learn certain truths about the personal and the public order: mankind forms a consensus of opinion on certain vital matters. It is not simply the people living in any one year whose opinions we must consult, but more amply the conclusions of all the generations that have preceded us in time – a kind of filtered wisdom of the human species.

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

(Unfortunately, the consult to the past histories of men is now so rarely done to inform us of the collective experience of man that we might better our own condition. With arrogance, we impugn their ignorance of the great blessings, inventions, institutions we now enjoy while at the same moment we are standing on their backs ignoring the sacrifice and blood they endured to get us here. We would fane acknowledge that our greatness stems from their discoveries, efforts, and the lessons that were learned from their sojourn here on earth. Much has been written that now lies essentially buried and lost for it is no longer referenced by this generation. We pave over their progress with a flagrant disregard of what it took to get this people, this country, these institutions, to this point in history. Their life experiences we now malign as bigotry, hatred, and oppression, in the halls of our academic institutions. Instead of learning and understanding the immense pressures and the uniqueness of their circumstances and the lessons they inherited from the vast past experiences of men, and tried to improve upon, we reject all that they did that was good because of their follies and inappropriate passions, to strike out on our own because we feel we know, oh, so much better than they, that our mental abilities are somehow superior then theirs because of our gadgetry and technology. We are consummately deceived and lost while we trundle down a wide and well-worn path that humanity has often used to enter suffering, misery, and destruction, and with smiles on our faces we believe that we are treading where no man has ever stepped foot before. Oh ye fools, in your ignorance and infancy you think you are great. In your pride and arrogance you deny the truth of the experience of man on earth for the delusion of a utopia made by man. Go in to your utopia, discover with horror the deceit used to get you there. And when you are sufficiently humble, turn unto that God who will receive you still, only if you should repent of the natural man that ye let lead you astray, and forsake him for Christ Jesus.)ATJ

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