Principium Volume I, Book 2, Quote 184, 186, 190

184. America was held together by a religious bond stronger than any the Greeks or the Romans had known: by a Christian faith that worked upon individual and family, rather than through a state cult….The power of Christian teaching over private conscience made possible the American democratic society, vastly greater in extent and population than Old Greece.

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

186. Certainly the Roman understanding of the rule of law still lives in the modern world, restraining destructive impulses. This Roman concept of law and obligation, as variously expressed by Polybius and Livy and Virgil and Cicero and the Stoics, passed into American political thought and jurisprudence, and is permanently embedded in the American Constitution.

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

190. Two thousand years later, the reputation of the Roman constitution remained so high that the framers of the American constitution would emulate the Roman model as best they could. The Roman institutions of checks and balances in politics, of separation of powers, would be imitated in the frame of government for the United States.

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

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