Principium Volume I, Book 2, Quote 176, 179, 182-183

176. Honor, not possessions, should be sought by the virtuous man – that honor which comes from excellence. Renounce illusion, pursue justice, and seek to obey the gods, to whom we owe the wonder of life. As a man must order his private life, abandoning illusion, so the commonwealth must seek a harmonious arrangement of social duties and right. The righteous man maintains his desires and his responsibilities in balance, and so it is with the state. Classes and factions must restrain themselves, if the polis is to endure, righteous laws reconcile the claims of different social groups…(-Solon, Greek Poet, Statesman, and Patriot)

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

179. True reality lies in Ideas, the realm of intellect and imagination, by which matter is moved. We humans are not mere creatures of physical nature, at the mercy of Fate and Fortune: by the exercise of reason, we may know something of the truth and follow that truth.

- Plato, 427-347 B.C.

182. The community of friendship advocated by Aristotle became an American ideal; the reconciling of interests and classes was a conscious objective of theirs, too.

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

183. Thus the Greek idea of political and social balance, as the Americans found it expressed by Aristotle and Polybius and Plutarch, was incorporated directly into the American Constitution.

- Russell Kirk – The Roots of American Order, 1974

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