Principium Volume I, Book 1, # 41 & 46

41. (8-26-2012) [T]he only true protection for the citizen is vigilance; laws, leaders, and institutions alone cannot shield us from perfidy, dishonesty, infidelity, deceit, or disloyalty. In the fields of economics, taxation, regulation, and social policy, the attitude of vigilance, not deference, must always be the foundation of our relationship with those whom we elect to govern.

- Thomas N. Tripp – First Principles, 2008

46. (8-27-2012) The intention of “First Principles” is…to use the obvious to give credence to the principles that underlie both the origins and functioning of a democratic republic supported by a free-enterprise economic system.

- Thomas N. Tripp – First Principles, 2008

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