Principium Volume I, Book 1, # 15, 17, and 18

15. (8-25-2012) We must never forget that in order for our country to function as our forefathers intended, our citizens, each of us, must perform the duties of leadership for which we are destined. We cannot surrender to pessimism, especially the fashionable kind that expresses itself in a cynical or sarcastic spirit. Instead, we must focus on our possibilities, not our limitations.

- James A. Baker – First Principles: Self Governance in an Open Society, 2008

17. (8-25-2012) Liberty not only means that the individual has both the opportunity and burden of choice. It also means that he must bear the responsibility of his actions. Liberty and responsibility are inseparable.

- Friedrich August von Hayek – The Constitution of Liberty, 1960

18. (8-25-2012) [T]hose not grounded in first principles may become unwitting victims of demagogues, charlatans, or their own uncertain judgment.

- Thomas N. Tripp – First Principles, 2008

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