Help Your Inner Child Win

We must consider how inadequate is our ability to anticipate correctly the future before us. At times we doom our future with abundant focus on our past, which we dig up and spread around in our present, allowing anxieties and fears to buffet our desires and abilities to have peace, success, and prosperity.

We sometimes cannot or do not recognize the successful path we have left behind us for lack of gratitude for the multitudinous small favors life has tossed our way, and the blessings and experience reaped for having trod the path of our life.

But now, look upon your past, no matter what it be, and be grateful for it. Then take that experience, those lessons, those feelings and determine to change your future. "What if this or that happens?" you might ask, or "What if I can't or I'm not...?" you might lament. But I say to you, 'What if it all works out? What if you can and you do?' Allow yourself to positively agree with the positive vision of your future. It is your own vision anyway - so why are you allowing yourself, your doubts, your fears, to defeat the vision you want?

If a child were to ask you to teach them to ride a bike, learn to read, or learn to swim, you would, without hesitation, begin teaching, training, setting aside time and making goals with enthusiasm. You would not let that child dwell on their failures, and you would highlight their successes, even if in small increments. I am sure you would stick it out until you saw that beaming glow on their face when they realized they were doing it on their own for the first time.

Well, treat yourself the same. Help yourself, as you would a child, to take the steps necessary to become successful in the achievement of the chosen vision you have for you. Then you will feel and know of the beaming joy that the fulfillment of your dream, the change of your future will bring.

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