Don't Be Afraid to Learn

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Good and bad life experiences alone can teach you how to change your present and future conditions, but sometimes in rough and disjointed ways. However, reading, study, and/or training, in the subjects that interest you, prior to initiating life experiences, will give you reservoirs of knowledge from which your life experiences can pull to improve your present and future conditions with infinitely greater efficiency and skill than raw experience alone. How many times have you had a raw life experience, without preparation, and stated afterwards, “I won’t do that again.”? Thus your experiences, balanced on foundations of learned knowledge or training, become wisdom to speed you forward with greater capacity and effectiveness in any endeavor, and especially under situations of crisis. The foundations of knowledge you put into the great reservoir of your mind, will do more to promote the enjoyments of life than raw experience could ever achieve by itself – knowledge gained is never wasted. The acquisition of knowledge through reading, study, and/or training can give you the perspectives, skills, and experiences of thousands of other fellow human beings who have pre-thought or proved the ideas and skills you will use to vastly improve your interactions, growth, and experiences within this life and beyond. Don’t shy away from learning of any type or you will keep yourself from becoming someone you did not even know could exist. Someone who, after the acquisition of knowledge and training, is the sum total greater than who you are right now. Strive for personal learning and improvement and you will notice that life will begin to facilitate your success and joy in unmeasurable and significant ways.

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